JLN SOLAR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING PLC has the intention of engaging a in wide range activities related to solar energy applications including but not limited to assembly and sales of solar energy products such as off-grid solar power and light systems, solar water pumping systems for irrigation as well as  water supply purposes, installation, operation of solar mini-grids and solar farm for national grid feed. Furthermore, introduction and promotion of conventional solar electric vehicles is also in the medium and long term plan for engagements in the Ethiopian market. 


The main purpose of JLN SOLAR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING PLC is to ensure seamless service delivery and customer satisfaction. JLN SOLAR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING PLC has in its stable of products, Solar Home Systems (SHS) which includes the 600 W, 1000 W, 1500W and 3000W inverter generators that serves different categories of households and businesses.


The goal of JLN SOLAR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING PLC  is to ensure universal off-grid access to Africans and also provide a real and sustainable energy solutions to consumers in Africa. JLN Global Investemnt Limited mission is to light up Africa through renewable energy mix and closing the energy gap in Africa.


The coming in of JLN into the off-grid energy value chain has mitigated the energy challenges through our quality/verified product over the years. We have been able to impact on the lives of unserved/underseved million Africans over the years through the provisions of our product and services.