Mr. Namdi Iwuoha is Managing Member of Avalon Consulting Services, LLC a consulting firm that specializes in engineering services.  He is also Managing Member of JLN Construction Services, LLC (JLN), an African American Minority Construction firm. The firms are located in Baltimore and Laurel, Maryland.

Mr. Iwuoha holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo.  With over 31 years’ wealth of experience in Engineering and Construction, he serves on a number of boards and holds leadership position in several organizations. Mr Iwuoha is very active in the State of Maryland. He is passionate and very helpful to non-profits and community organizations. He is also a recipient of several prestigious awards.

Mr Iwuoha serves on the board for Maryland Minority Contractors Association (MMCA) and he is a corporate member of Maryland Washington Minority Companies Association (MWMCA). Mr. Iwuoha was recently honored as “Best Minority-Owned Construction Contractor of the Year 2015” in the Maryland Washington corridor and won best clipped video of the Year 2015. His firm, JLN Construction Services, LLC is noted as the first minority firm to be awarded a General Contract of $5.9M with Maryland Department of General Services.

In 2014 he received an Achievement Award from the Greater Baltimore Committee for participating in the greater Baltimore area. Mr Iwuoha was recognized by the City Council of Baltimore and the Mayor for Professional Commitment in Baltimore. In 2011, his firm along with Hensel Phelps donated over 200 backpacks to less fortunate and minority students in East Baltimore Area. His company provided the Howard Community Association with free office space for community events.


Mr. Iwuoha focuses on helping small businesses as well as build and maintain relationships with his clients. His famous quote is on Achievement, “In life it is not what you achieve, but what you do with the achievement”

Mr. Iwuoha resides in Woodstock, MD with his wife and children.