Site Design Support Services

Developing planned, multi-use communities can be a massive undertaking requiring broad-based expertise in issues affecting both horizontal and vertical site development. Zoning and permitting, program management, wetlands conservation even brownfield reclamation and administration are all potential areas of concern. But technical skill and expertise is not enough. Developers and their representatives also must address the often divergent and seemingly conflicting interests of community stakeholders, special interest groups, government agencies and construction firms. Helping these groups explore and acknowledge their common interests can go a long way toward moving even the most controversial project forward.

Avalon’s site group– civil and utilities team is experienced with all project phases from planning through design and permitting. Whether your project relies on skillful planning and site design, thorough site evaluation and feasibility studies, landscape architecture, or analysis and design of stand-alone water and wastewater infrastructure, the Avalon team is your one-stop source. Avalon’s presence in Maryland, across Pennsylvania, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region means we can easily access our clients and their projects.

As a broad-ranging civil engineering team, Avalon helps clients find solutions for their facilities and infrastructure needs. We take pride in our partnering and working relationships with both public and private clients. Our experience includes working with federal agencies, K-12 and higher education institutions, parks and recreation departments, county and municipal departments of public works, state and local general services departments, and private institutions and development clients.

Avalon has successfully helped clients through all stages of the community development process from site evaluation and acquisition to site design, planning and program management. We have skillfully staged complex construction schedules, overseen the development of large-scale, residential-resort communities—even helped financial institutions evaluate the desirability of backing specific projects. Our expertise can be applied successfully across a broad range of commercial and institutional projects. These include research/commercial parks; college, health care and corporate campuses and military bases scheduled for decommissioning and redevelopment.

Whether your project involves stand-alone civil/site improvements, utility infrastructure improvements, improvements associated with building or multi-discipline projects, or some combination thereof, the Avalon team has you covered.