Avalon can help with your IT Systems Management, Software Training and Support, Website Development, RAID Computer Data Storage, and Database Maintenance needs.  Our teams remain up-to-date on all the latest engineering, CAD and project-reporting software, and we routinely assist clients and partners with on-site training. We troubleshoot software performance issues when they arise, and we even offer professional website development and redesign capabilities. 

Avalon has continued to grow its business by focusing on delivering within owner cost, providing long-term value and quality for its clients.  Our projects include office buildings, medical facilities, school renovations, residential communities, hotels, government buildings, airports, retail centers, public playgrounds, and water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Software Development

Transform your ideas into reality with our cutting-edge software development services. Our global specialists leverage their expertise to deliver tailor-made solutions that align with your business objectives. From concept to deployment, we ensure a seamless journey.

IT Staff Augmentation

Supercharge your team with our IT Staff Augmentation services. Gain access to a pool of skilled professionals ready to seamlessly integrate into your projects. Whether you need extra hands for a specific task or a dedicated team, we've got you covered.

Product Sourcing

We find the best possible suppliers for a specific category of products or services, such as raw materials, equipment, software, or logistics within and outside USA. Our team conduct market research, analyze data, compare prices and quality, and assess the risks and opportunities of each option.

Our Software Development Solutions

At Avalon, we understand that IT requirements can vary widely. That’s why we offer a range of specialized Software services to cater to your unique needs:

Front-End Development

Our front-end developers can help you create captivating experiences for your users. Using technologies like React.js, they will meticulously craft intuitive and responsive interfaces.

Back-End Development

Behind every perfect user experience lies a robust back-end. Our developers design and build the infrastructure that powers your applications, ensuring efficiency and security. Using technologies like Node.js and Ruby, they have delivered exceptional results.

QA & QA Lead

We ensure the performance of your applications. Our quality control experts conduct comprehensive testing to identify and rectify issues before they impact your users.

IT Staff Augmentation

Your Queries, Our Answers

Begin by emphasizing the distinctive advantages of staff augmentation, including its cost-effectiveness, scalability, and unparalleled access to a skilled workforce. Paint a clear picture of how staff augmentation fills gaps in their hiring strategy, allowing them to save valuable time and resources.

Explore these strategies to augment your team with external resources for sustained success: 1 – Choose projects with defined timeframes. 2 – Recognize talent gaps in your organization. 3 – Identify specific skill-set needs.

Indeed, staff augmentation falls under the umbrella of outsourcing services, where a software company extends its engineers as external hires, typically under a time and materials contract arrangement.

For example, if your company is working on a gaming app and needs seven developers, but your in-house development team consists only of four, staff augmentation allows you to temporarily bring in the additional three developers with the necessary skills to meet the project’s demands. Certainly, staff augmentation involves outsourcing workers for projects that align with the organization’s staffing needs and objectives.

Staff augmentation involves the recruitment of temporary or contract workers to complement your current workforce. Typically hired for specific projects or periods, these individuals are not classified as full-time employees.

By choosing staff augmentation, you can delegate the processes of hiring, evaluation, onboarding, and talent retention to your staff augmentation partner. Additionally, you gain access to skilled and experienced professionals with the precise skills you need.

Staff augmentation frequently proves cost-effective for brief projects, as companies pay only for the contract duration. Conversely, the time and material model, more suitable for extended projects, provides greater budget flexibility, adjusting to evolving requirements.

It’s a highly efficient hiring model for bolstering labor capacity and securing specialized skills on a temporary basis, particularly during unexpected spikes in development requirements and consumer demands.

We’re industry leaders in Product Sourcing, Development and Production

Are you a business looking to outsource your production overseas without sacrificing quality and cost? Or perhaps you’re an aspiring inventor who’s ready to take the bold step?

Product Development, Sourcing & Production

From the concept and design phase to sampling and all the way through the production process, Avalon handles and provides a complete end-to-end manufacturing service. We have long standing ties with the best manufacturers in China to ensure that you won't miss on quality.

Supply Chain & Warehousing

Our systematic ordering procedures ensure we deliver consistent quality. We manage high product volumes from our larger corporate clients and also dropship products from our warehouse. Our local team acts as your own sourcing & procurement department to ensure total transparency at all times.

Shipping & Logistics

Our logistics team make the whole shipping process as easy as possible. We handle all the tedious admin work and cater to your needs with all forms of freight. Shipping services include airfreight, air cargo, LCL and FCL.