At Avalon Consulting Services, LLC (Avalon), we strive to be at the top by building relationships with Prime Engineers and Prime Consultants and maintaining these relationships. Marketing is Avalon’s profit driver. Avalon places emphasis on building relationships and keeping the relationships between organizations. Avalon builds and keeps exceptional customer relations. Our main goal and objectives are to deliver quality and high standard products to our clients.

We formulate different marketing strategies to win over our customers and clients. As the experts we outsmart the competition by attending various network meetings and outreach events no matter the location. Through Avalon’s unique management style and excellent negotiation skills, good employees and subcontractors, Avalon continues to grow, even during challenging times. We are one of the few consulting companies in the industry that is not leveraged. This allows more of our capital to be directed towards sustaining our projects. 

Avalon carefully selects projects and seeks investment opportunities, not only for profit, but for the benefit of providing long standing employment and community growth.

Avalon reward innovations, offers competitive salaries and benefits to the most skilled and brightest workers in their fields. That is how we have maintained our competitive edge in the market.